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I’m sure you’ve seen all of those articles in the past few weeks. The lists where we music journalists and writers make lists of what we perceive what the best albums of the year are. What these lists have in common is that you’ve maybe heard about two of the ten artists on the list. Not with me! Here are my favourites from 2018.

I hope you will find some good tips here that you will check out.

10. Loreena McKennitt – Lost Souls

It was a real surprise when the Canadian harpist, with the amazing voice, released a new album again. The music is as always in the Celtic and Irish landscape, but with a lot more variation than most of these types of artists. Like Enya, even though I think it’s unfair to compare McKennitt to Enya. This is a beautiful album that I needed to work on a bit before I fell for it.


9. Paul McCartney – Egypt Station

What can I say? Good old sir Paul might sound like a crow with a serious throat infection when he tries singing live these days, but he’s still got it when it comes to crafting great and catchy pop tunes. This has been played a lot on my record player this year (which the marvellous Flowers in the Dirt from 1989 also has been, for some reason).


8. David Byrne – American Utopia

This was a big surprise too. After 14 years, the old front man in Talking Heads released a new solo album, and it’s filled with delicious alternativ pop. Almost as good as Talking Heads in their heyday.


7. Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

I’ve been a fan since I saw her live at Moldejazz in 2012. This year she came out with a great multimedia project, which included this magnificent record. Two pretty risque videos also followed, with a clear LGBT agenda. She plays freely with genres, but Prince fans should feel right at home with her music.


6. Aurora – Infections of a Different Kind Step 1

The debut album from Norwegian artist Aurora was named album of the year for me when it came out in 2016. She’s not quite able to top the debut with her new record, but it has grown on me. A lot. Unfortunately it still hasn’t gotten a physical release, so I’ve only been able to listen to it via streaming services so far.

When an artist is able to combine electronic experimentation with elements of progrock and wonderful synth sounds with pop, I’m in heaven. And that’s what Aurora does on her sophomore album.

Debutalbumet til Aurora ble av meg kåret til årets beste album det året det kom. Hun klarer ikke helt å følge opp, men dette er et album som har vokst på meg. Dessverre har det ikke fått en fysisk utgivelse enda, så jeg får bare hørt på det når jeg strømmer musikk.


5. Moby – Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

Moby has been extremely productive in the past few years, and on his last regular LP, he returned to his punk rock roots. This year’s release was sort of industrial version of the kind of music he did back in the 90s and 00s, when he sold millions. A times very low key, other times a bit over the top. Any electronica fan should love this.


4. Jean-Michel Jarre – Equinoxe Infinity

In the past three years, the French synth pioneer has release two double albums, two single albums and one huge box set, which was released earlier this year. Turning 70 has not put any damper to his creativity. Ok, this album isn’t unique and doesn’t break any new ground, but nobody sounds like Jean-Michel Jarre. And he’s still the boss!


3. Lykke Li – So Sad So Sexy

I was so disappointed when this album came out, because I’ve so far loved everything Swedish Lykke has released. But a friend of mine told me to give a few more spins on my record player, and suddenly one day, I just got it. What a great pop record!


2. Greta van Fleet – Anthem of the Peaceful Army

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know. There are thousand reasons to hate this quartet. Be it that they are making rock you’ve heard a thousand times before, or because they sound like carbon copies of Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin copied so much themselves that I’ll actually give them a pass for that). But after streaming this album a few times, I just had to buy the LP. The opening track alon is worth it. Holy diver, what a song:


1. Robyn – Honey

This album is just so beautiful. It’s sublime electronica pop music, with Robyn’s wonderful, wonderful voice. She went away for almost 8 years. Never, ever do that again, Robyn! This album is jus amazing. I like it more and more, every time I listen to it.


Do you agree with me? Disagree? Is it something I should have included? Something I should have excluded? Leave a comment below!


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