Cavego – Gudbrandsdalen


Cavego - Gudbrandsdalen

Hey, old people! Get out of here! Let the new generation of club musicians show you what good disco is all about!

Disco?!?! DISCO?!?! For years, that was the reaction you got if you mentioned disco. Few genres has had more stigma attached to it than disco. But as all other genres, what passes for disco has evolved and changed through the years. Norway has been in the forefront of this evolution through artists like Those Norwegians, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje.

But even if the output from these artists still cut the mustard, none of them are spring chickens anymore. Fortunately there’s a new and younger generation that is following in their footsteps, and who are able to create parties at the club scene.

Even Hymer Gillebo, who goes by the artist name Cavego is now out with an EP, which is basically almost as long as a full length album, called Gudbrandsdalen. This is the name of a very famous Norwegian valley, surrounded by amazing nature and most of what we consider «traditional Norwegian culture.» The title alone made me smile, a smile that did not die when I listened to the rest of the album. Quite the opposite.

The opening track Velkomst (A welcome) is doing just what the title says: It wishes us welcome. The song is a summary of the rest of the album, and flows seamlessly into Vår i Øyer (Springtime in Øyer), which is a happy track with catchy rhythms, samples and humming voices.

Kjeiken is part Chic and part Quincy Jones, spiced with some Kraftwerk like synth lines. This writer is at this point in time completely sold on this album. And the voices and «lah lah»-samples are back. This work so well! However, I don’t know if it’s easy to dance to.

Vertikal vind (Vertical wind) is pure Lindstrøm, and that’s always a positive. The song has a drive and a pulse that shows a clear heritage from progressive rock. But at the same time it’s catchy and makes even non dancing sod like me make spastic movements with my body. The best tune on the album, by far!

On Hafjell (a very famous skiing resort in Norway) we are not served cheesy afterski music, but crackling LP-sounds, synth lines that could be lifted from 1982 and a bass line that would be worthy of Nile Rodgers.

We round off with Farvel (Goodbye) which has Vangelis vibes, with the exception of the driving beat. The song is way too short, though.

So to sum up: A very good debut from the next Norwegian disco and club king, Cavego!

Rating: 7/10

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