Oh, How I Missed You too Robyn!


Robyn - HoneyA while back I sat backstage, chatting with a friend of mine who is a singer and musician. We started talking about Robyn, because we were both huge fans of her Body Talk trilogy. It was then we realised that it was 8 years since that release!

– So what happened to her, my friend asked?

Now we know. Robyn has done several interviews lately where she talks about the eight last years being very difficult. They involved separation from her partner, depression, the death of a close friend and collaborator and that she tried  doing other things. Of course, she also toured and recorded with Röyksopp four years ago.

But boy, did we miss her! That’s why my whole stomach is filled with joy while I’m sitting moving my upper body to Missing U, the opening track of her new album Honey. It opens with wonderful cascading sequenced synths, and Robyn is singing so divinely beautiful «I miss you.» Oh, how we have missed you too, Robyn. So very, very much!

The track is tender, beautiful, catchy and sad, but at the same time it fills you with indescribable joy! It’s such contradictions like this that makes even the most EDM hating cynic have a soft spot for Robyn. It’s an artform in itself to be able to get so many conflicting emotions feel like they fit. This is electronica on cloud nine!

Lyrically it’s also very close up and personal, and with not so subtle hints of sex, but also vulnerability, love, friendship and the hurtful things in life. Everything conveyed in Robyn’s trademark voice. You know, the voice that when you hear it, you just know you are listening to Robyn.

There are also fun soundscapes here and there. I especially like what sounds like speedd up string instruments in Because it’s in the music, mixed with Commodore 64 like sounds. The sound on the chorus in Baby forgive me is also delicious.

Between the Lines and Beach20k20 are both brilliant pastiches on the club music from the early 90s, while the last song Ever Again revisits the 80s (check out the bass!). Me like!

Despite these variations, the record does have an all over unified sound, in addition to a nerve that denies your body from forgetting it after the record is over and the last song is finishing.

The title cut, Honey, which was released as a single and teaser for the album, is a wonderful, wonderful thing that contains all the trademarks of a good Robyn song. After living with this album on repeat for the last two days, I can only conclude that this honey was only an appetiser.

For heaven’s sake, Robyn, do not let wight years pass until next time!

Grade: 9/10

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