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In April. Norwegian artist Tea Megaard asked me whether I directed music videos. – I’ve never done that before, I thought. – So I’m sure I can. Here’s the result.

Tea is only 17 years old, but she’s written songs for many, many years. She’s also in possession of a good voice and can play a mean guitar, even solos. In short: A very talented young lady that the Norwegian pop and rock scene will have to look out for in the near future.

She’s already been on national TV and has been play listed on national radio. Last summer she also opened the rock festival RaumaRock. In that setting, it was only her and her loop station, but she also does gigs with her own band (with several very talented musicians her own age).

Last year I featured her on the cover for the magazine the local newspaper in Rauma, Åndalsnes Avis, published before RaumaRock.

And now she has a great and catchy single out, which has been featured on Spotify recommandation lists, and it has been stream ed a lot! It was released last Friday, and now, one week later, the music video is out!

When she asked me to make the video, she sent me the song. I immediately got an idea in my head, inspired by the lyrics. They tell a story about a person who phones up the protagonist in the song and expects them to just be there for them at their beckoning, but then never return the favour. So the song’s message is to get rid of persons like that in your life, and be strong and independent.

I sent Tea the script, she suggested some changes, and then we set a date for filming. Now, mind you, we had absolutely no budget, so I knew we would have to keep it simple.

I told her to get some of her friends at school to come, and I brought my own offspring with me (he’s the one in pink in the video). And then we just met at the local community center, set up a bunch of chairs and shot it, in sequence. Tea’s parents helped out, and they kept us fed throughout the day.

After a few hours of filming, we were done. We finished off by shooting som pictures for the cover (as seen above).

I then bought Adobe Premiere Pro, edited the video, and sent it to Tea. We then had some discussions back and forth. She wanted to change some stuff and the video was re-edited a few times. In between all this I had other assignments, so it took about a month all in all to get it all finished.

And now you can see the result. Obviously we are hoping to get by on charm, but as a first attempt, we are pretty pleased. What do you think? Please let us know.

And huge thanks to Kyrre (who is also doing his own songs and video) who lent us some equipment.

Here’s the video:

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