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Best Bad Idea video

Tea Megaard is out with a new single and a new music video. And I directed it, from a script we co-wrote together. See it here!

Tea is only 17 years old, but she’s written songs for many, many years. She’s also in possession of a good voice and can play a mean guitar, even solos. In short: A very talented young lady that the Norwegian pop and rock scene will have to look out for in the near future.

She’s already been on national TV and has been play listed on national radio. Last summer she also opened the rock festival RaumaRock. In that setting, it was only her and her loop station, but she also does gigs with her own band (with several very talented musicians her own age).

Last year I featured her on the cover for the magazine the local newspaper in Rauma, Åndalsnes Avis, published before RaumaRock.

You can read all about, and see, our first music video here.

Last Friday she released her new single, Best Bad Idea. Today we have the official premiere of her new video, which I produced and directed, from a script we co-wrote based on her idea.

Here is the new video, please let me know what you think, good and bad:

12 thoughts on “The Best Bad Idea that I’ve Ever Had

  1. Very nice! Great song.
    The only ‘comment’ I have: the initial iPhone shot should not have been done ‘by hand’.
    But overall very professional.

    1. Thanks, Theo! Really appreciate it. And yeah, I thought about it while editing it that I should have only shown a still photo of the time. It was an attempt to throw some dynamics into it, I guess.

  2. I like it! My favorite thing about it is how she checks off the boxes and then tears down the lists after he texts her. Nice touch. (I like the song as well, but I mainly focused on the video because that is the more interesting aspect to me personally.)

    1. Thank you, Ben. Tearing down the check lists was her idea. I’ll pass on the comments about the song to her.

  3. I like the song for it‘s dynamic development, though I miss the sound of the opening guitar a bit in the later part of the mix.
    For the video: I clearly like the script. And the cutter‘s work. Cutting the movement of making the checkmarks to said guitar tune and slow chair movement exactly to long notes seems like hard work in directing. Even the jumps fit to the rhythm.
    Fine work, Hogne.

  4. Hogne, I really love your reaching out to photography, very good interviews to read and even directing. In my view you are doing great in these fields. I am looking forward to more of those excellent moves.

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